About Us

Who we are

We buy high-quality grains and vegetables from various parts of India directly from farmers and export them across the globe. Sourcing directly from farmers and interacting with them to produce/harvest best quality has always been a matter of focus & interest for the company.

Keeping our global customers in mind we have the state of the art facilities to store, process and pack the products in order to avoid contamination. We are dealing with more than 15 different products & varieties.

Core Features

Why Insta Impex?

Reliability, Consistency & Timely processing of contracts.

Proper Licensed

Obtained all required permissions & licences as per government guidelines.

100% Quality Certified

100% Certified Food

Long Term Business

One stop shop for a customer looking for a long-term business co-operation & growth.

Great Support

Need help : +(01) 123 456 789

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Food Authority Bodies

Authority Certificates

We authorised by the Food Authoruties in India, as a quality and trustable Global Food Exporters